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  • I'm starting to get more into my Android phone, learning all the fun stuff the operating system can do. I'm getting all sorts of useful information from Reddit's Android subreddit as well as the usual places like XDA and PPC. I'm finding far too many apps and time killers here (and here and here). I've rooted the phone so I could remove the Sprint stock apps (good list of what you can get rid of here and here), back things up, ad block and install custom roms down the road (among other mods). I'm also looking into Tasker and all the cool stuff it can do. I'm considering bucking up and paying Roam Control as that will help in Sunriver where the coverage from from Verizon is better in some spots. When I get an extra few bucks, I'm really considering getting something like this for my car and then installing the Torque app to monitor, clear, and read codes in my car. I really should get a dashboard mount for this phone and find a good music player and synching process and just leave my iPod at home. Then I could have a constant video recorder for my phone while I'm on the road using DailyRoads.

    Seriously, though, I'm loving having an Android phone. Anybody else have any great tips or apps that I should look into?

    And in case you're wondering how or why I got such an expensive phone: No, I couldn't even remotely afford this phone. I received it when Best Buy completely munged up the repair on my previous phone and I was using a loaner phone for nearly three months. They (thankfully) did the right thing and gave me a new phone, since it was pretty obvious that the repair company had no intention on sending my old phone back to me any time soon. Since my previous phone was top-of-the-line when I got it and had much better features than most of the phones there, the Epic was really the only one that matched up.
  • Speaking of Android, Android vs. WP7 for developers, a case study.
  • And now for something completely different, everybody's flipping out a bit about this whole Arizona shooting and whether there were political influences (the dude was cracked, plain and simple). Just the same, Sarah Palin denies everything thrown at her, though I did think both of these twitter posts hit the nail on the head.
  • If you shop on NewEgg.com (I do for a ton of computer parts), you might be interested in CamelEgg, which is a NewEgg price tracker to watch for price drops and alerts.
  • Making computer science fun for all ages, it's Computer Science, Unplugged!
  • Read The F**king HIG is a great blog ranting about bad interfaces on Mac apps "from the Mac App Store, 'designed' by people who think they get interface design."
  • Speaking of interface design, everybody who has a site with a shopping-cart process needs to read this.
  • While I still don't see a ton of value in twitter (as the signal-to-noise ratio is about one-to-a-million), I love their response to the WikiLeaks subpeona and I only wish more companies watched out for their users like this.
  • A few locals are starting up conference here in Bend called Ruby on Ales, a two-day, single track conference inspired by Ruby, microbrews, and shredding. They have a Facebook page as well. Since I know squat about Ruby, it won't do me much good, but I'm sure there are folks out there with an interest in this.
Posted by Jake on 01/11/11 @ 03:51 PM
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