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Post Christmas Wrap-Up

After three days of great time with friends and family, I can't say that I wanted to go back to work this morning (but who ever really wants to go to work?). I got to spend time with all sorts of family and friends and ate far too much food. A great time was indeed had by all. It was great seeing friends and family who I hadn't seen for quite a while (some for years). And as usual, we were all spoiled rotten. The haul (not 100% inclusive, but interesting things that were giving to anybody in our family that readers here my find interesting -- I'm at work, so I can't remember the list 100%):

Seriously, though, it's a large haul, and I'm not including all the stuff my wife and kids received (there was a FoodSaver, a bunch of American Girl-sized stuff -- some brand-name, some generic -- as well as some other toys and things that I have forgotten at the moment). We always clean out the kids toys and closets after Christmas and donate their gently-used stuff to charity, and we'll be doing that again this year. I'm always extremely blessed and grateful to have such caring wonderful people in my life, and I hope that I've been able to do what I can for them, even if I can't always do so financially and spoil them like I'd really like to (if I had the money, I'd be buying a ton of gifts for people).

I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas!

(Note: Yes, I do have Amazon affiliate tags in some of these links so if you purchase any of the stuff listed above or anything from Amazon via these links, I'll get a few pennies. If you object to the affiliate tags, I'm sorry, and you're welcome to just search the Web for these items or block the cookies.)

Posted by Jake on 12/27/10 @ 11:57 AM
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