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Whoops...Mt. Bachelor Forgot To Pay Domain Renewal Bill

Saw this when loading up Mt. Bachelor's web site this morning at the office:


If you're not familiar with that screen, that's the Network Solutions default domain page when your domain is expired or has no nameservers set.

Looking at the Whois record, it appears that the domain expired last week (Dec. 8, 2010):


I've let my contacts at Mt. Bachelor know so hopefully they can keep their domain, but I can only imagine the grief this is causing them right now right in the middle of ski season.

Update: It appears that it's working in some places, it just depends on your DNS provider or what you have cached (like, for example, I'm seeing their mobile site). OpenDNS has the IP address, but Google's DNS is still pulling the NetSol IP of, so obviously something's gone wonky. As somebody who's had to troubleshoot DNS stuff like this, I don't envy them as you're at the mercy of DNS servers around the 'net to get their act together and clear their cache, which can take days sometimes.

Looking at the NetSol whois, they appear to have renewed it today through 2019, but are just waiting for things to clear. They have the IP address as, but that doesn't appear to be loading for me at all. So who knows what it's actually supposed to be.

Posted by Jake on 12/14/10 @ 03:25 PM
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