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First off: Cheap plug. I'm playing with the Central Oregon Symphony this weekend, and I'd encourage you to come out and see the show. The piano soloist we have coming to play with us is phenomenal, and it'll be a great show. Concerts are free, click here for ticket info.

OK, enough of the plugging, let's get down to business (videos are after the jump).

Videos after the jump...

Koopa Gets A Star:

If Justin Bieber can get famous... why can't I? (Good question, as this guy's pretty good)

Human Ventriloquist Dummy:

Somebody Needs To Hire This Guy:

Everybody's got a talent -- this man can clap really fast:

Anne Robinson meets her match

Good use for Google Instant:

You don't need to understand the language to understand cheesy awesome action:

Presenting The Boob Apron (NSFW Language):

Everything's better with a good drummer: Including really cheesy ringtones:

Posted by Jake on 11/04/10 @ 04:03 PM
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