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I Suck

I've been so busy at both work and the minute I leave the office lately that I rarely want to turn on my computer when I get home. I'd rather just plop myself on the couch after going all frickin' day and watch some TV. Even though we canceled our cable last month (we're poor), there's still plenty to watch with Netflix, Hulu, and the network channels (and a Windows 7 HTPC to allow us to do it all easily).

Just the same, this blog hasn't gotten nearly the personal attention it deserves. I suck. I certainly wouldn't deserve a Best Of Central Oregon nomination (but wouldn't argue with you if you were to submit this site for a nomination). While uber-blogger Jon will probably get the nod (deservedly), it'd just be nice to knock that egotistical jerk off his high horse.

(Note: Before the hate mail comes in, Jon and I go way back, and anybody who knows Jon or I know that neither of us have egos, especially Jon. I just like to poke fun at him, as he would do to me.)

Anyway, back to the link dump for the evening:

More tomorrow, as I have a bunch of videos to share...

Posted by Jake on 10/27/10 @ 11:07 PM
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