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You may or may not know, but when I first started blogging, I blogged on the jake.orty.com domain. I started this blog back in '02 during a brief time of unemployment. Once I found work, I neglected the blog for several months, until I finally got around to posting again (was still at jake.orty.com back then -- hadn't moved to utterlyboring.com yet). When I got back to posting again, I had bulldozed the previous archives from the brief blip in May that I was posting here.

I finally got around to getting on the Web archive and getting my old archives, and now have May 2002 back in my archives. Most of the links in those old entries are long dead, but at least they're back in the database.

Now I just need to get my dozens of old dailyemerald.com columns into this database, since they're not accessible on the Web anywhere. I was an online columnist back before "blogging" was all the rage. I've been writing online since the 90s, you young whipper-snappers (get off my lawn) and it'd be nice to have that all in one place. But I figured I should probably ask the Emerald's permission first. so that's coming next.

Posted by Jake on 08/18/10 @ 05:22 PM
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