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Have A Safe And Happy Fourth

As you all should know by now, I live in the war-zone near Pilot Butte, where they launch the annual Fourth of July fireworks, and my street is already packed with cars and drunken revelers ready to celebrate the holiday by finding more creative ways to set parts of the neighborhood on fire. As per our usual tradition, we plan on spending as much time away from this chaotic area before the main fireworks get shot off The Butte, where we'll then plop on our couch and watch the show. This morning I was at work (I work every holiday, minus Christmas -- one perk about working in the tourism indusry). I spent this afternoon performing with the band in an outdoor Americana concert in Redmond. There was a healthy breeze coming through the stage so we spent a good chunk of time chasing around music (despite it being pinned to our stands) and picking up blown-over stands. Now, I plan on turning on the sprinklers for a bit (as we've had many an illegal firework land in our yard), locking up the house, and weaving my way through the party-goers before they start getting too sloppy and stupid that they won't let us out.

Anybody want to make any bets on how much they burn the Butte this year? With this breeze, things could get messy.

Have a safe and happy holiday, everybody. Have a designated driver. Don't do anything stupid. And please don't set my house on fire.

Posted by Jake on 07/04/10 @ 07:30 PM
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