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Best Of Central Oregon Voting Is Now Open

The Source Weekly's "Best Of Central Oregon" survey is open for nominations. They have a best local blog category that Hack Bend won last year (rightfully so -- he's got a great blog). Just to mix things up, though, I'd like to encourage you all to check out the huge list of blogs over at Bend Blogs. Jon's Hack Bend is a great blog, but I'd like to get central Oregon exposed to some of the other great blogs out there, too. There are a lot of good ones in Central Oregon, some of which, unfortunately, aren't updated as often as I'd like (I'm looking at you, BOR). So get over there to BendBlogs, find your favorite and go vote. Or you can just go nominate Hack Bend or any of the blogs that Jon runs, as you can't go wrong there, either.

Note: No, this is not a cheap plug to nominate me or any of the sites I'm in charge of (though I wouldn't argue with it). While I'm one of the area's longest-running blogs, going since early 2002 (only have archives since late 2002) with nearly 6000 entries and nearly 20,000 published comments, quantity doesn't always equal quality. I'll be the first to admit a lot of stuff I post here is worthless time-killing crap and is mostly for keeping links I don't want to lose. I've gotten plenty of media mentions for this blog, and The Source has already called me "The Godfather Of Local Blogs." It's time some other folks got their due, too, which is why you need to get over there and vote.

Posted by Jake on 07/01/10 @ 03:34 PM
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