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Bend's A Thriving iPad Market, Apparently

Quoting Fortune/CNN: According to Net Application's May 1 report, the five U.S. market areas with the largest concentration of iPads — measured by its clients' browser data — are as follows:

  1. San Francisco, Calif. (0.25% Internet share)
  2. Grand Junction, Colo. (0.23%)
  3. Santa Barbara, Calif. (0.19%)
  4. Honolulu, Hawaii (0.19%)
  5. Bend, Ore. (0.19%)
The author obviously knows nothing about the area and apparently forgot that you could get the iPad at places other than an Apple Store. They have the Internet over here in the sticks.

As Robert points out, however, the margin of error on the ±0.9%, which is nearly half of our percentage which is nearly five times our percentage (I mis-read the decimal point), so I wouldn't take those numbers too seriously.

However, the best part of reading it is the comments. Many folks from the area have obviously found the story and are commenting on it (I saw it when it was posted, thanks to Barney, but didn't have a chance to post/comment), and smacking the author around a bit for thinking we're completely isolated morons out here. Robert and I share a favorite:

One came down on an ox cart from the Cascades with the Indian traders. i defrosted it by the campfire. i use it to kill rock chucks so there is food for dinner.

Posted by Jake on 05/03/10 @ 09:29 AM
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