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The Final Four Is Set

But the pick 'em is far from over.

I think.

Really, since I can't get the frickin' scenario generator on Yahoo!'s site to actually load, I have no idea how (if at all) next week's games will affect the scoring. Just a quick glance through some of the brackets shows that it could shake up the top spots a bit, but as of right now (end of round 4), "Oregon but not forgotten" has the lead by a single point over two other folks, and other folks out of the top three could still move up to prize-winner territory. The updated spreadsheet has been posted.

Thanks again to some of our the prize providers (some of our prizes were provided by me or by folks who didn't want credit):
Baker City Vacation Rentals
Paizano's Pizza
Mug Revolution
Jake's Diner
Dave Woodland at Signet Mortgage
Bend Oregon Restaurants blog

Posted by Jake on 03/28/10 @ 10:04 PM
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While a few places can still move around, the top three places in the pick 'em have been finalized (today's spreadsheet is here):First Place:: The winner of the Baker City... (Read More)

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