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I Never Saw This Coming

So somehow after the first round of the pick 'em, I'm in a tie for the lead with yesterday's leader Canadian Invader "Andrew". However, just a single point behind are a bunch of folks who include my dad, a high school classmate, my sister's boyfriend, Mr. Dahl, one of Bend's nicest people, a prize winner from a couple years back, among some other folks -- eight in total. With the rest of the weekend's games worth two points each, it's still anybody's tournament (and remember, if I somehow win this whole thing -- which is unlikely -- I'm not claiming any of the prizes).

For the last place prizes, Go Hogs! "Kyle" has wrapped up one of those places, as he can't score enough to overtake anything beyond second-to-last. If somehow "haven't a clue" misses the rest of her picks, and perpetual-loser Dren actually makes one or two (he still has a few teams alive, thanks to all the upsets), Dren might get knocked off. Hell, even monkey has a chance to claim a bottom-feeder prize, but he has quite a few more teams left so the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim.

Posted by Jake on 03/19/10 @ 11:10 PM
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