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Nearly A Perfect First Day In The Pick 'em

We have our largest pool of folks ever in the pick 'em this year, even after thining off some of the folks who didn't fill out their brackets. Through the 13th game of the day, "Randal D" had picked all 13 games correct -- even all the upsets. But after incorrectly picking the last three games of the day, he's in second place behind our Canadian Invader "Andrew" who picked 14 of the day's games properly. I managed to somehow pick 12 of them right (how, I have no idea), and sit in third place right now, ahead of my boss and co-workers (which is all that matters to me, really). Dren is still bringing up the rear, just barely behind Kyle, who is trying to upend Dren from his perpetual loser spot. Thanks to today's lower-seeds winning, they both actually put points on the board.

The full spreadsheet for the day has been updated.

Posted by Jake on 03/18/10 @ 11:03 PM
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I Never Saw This Coming from UtterlyBoring.com on 03/19/10 @ 11:10 PM:
So somehow after the first round of the pick 'em, I'm in a tie for the lead with yesterday's leader Canadian Invader "Andrew". However, just a single point behind are... (Read More)

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