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KOHD Is Still Broadcasting News -- Sort Of

HackBend, BendTech and this site all posted stories about KOHD ceasing their news broadcasts. Well, apparently they're not ceasing them entirely, just making them much shorter with little blips through the day in between and during other shows. They're no longer doing a full newscasts, from what I can see. Over at KOHD they've updated their news schedule for the various times they'll be on TV with news updates.

I still stand by my original point that I'm not a TV news watcher (I'm rarely in front of my TV, and if I am I'm hardly ever on KOHD/ABC). I also agree a lot with Jeff over at BendTech that the problem isn't with KTVZ or KOHD, but with Nielsen. Having been a Nielsen family on a couple of occasions, I can see how easily the system could be ripe with fraud, skewed or useless data.

Posted by Jake on 03/11/10 @ 03:40 PM
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