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The iPhone Is Finally (Officially) Coming To Bend

A couple months ago, folks with iPhones in the area were starting to see 3G coverage, and now you can officially get an iPhone in Bend, starting April 1 (hopefully not some sort of April fools joke).

I still have nearly another year on my contract with Sprint and with my phone, but my plan is quite a bit cheaper than the plans offered by AT&T. I'm probably going to go Android on renewal rather than an iPhone, but we'll have to see.

Update on 3/2/10: Apparently US Cellular is now offering 3G in the area, which might convince me to go back to them as their phone coverage is probably the best around here in the areas I work, but their data speeds sucked. Their coverage out here in Sunriver was far better than what I get from Sprint. When I force my phone to roam on the USCC network, it actually performs better. I noticed a "EV" icon showing up on my wife's phone last week (she on US Cellular), and was wondering if they had turned on an EVDO service here, just didn't have a chance to contact them. So I guess that answers that question.

Posted by Jake on 03/01/10 @ 04:37 PM
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