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Facebook Data Center Coming To Central Oregon

So it appears that the mystery company behind the datacenter that's going to be built in Prineville is going to be none other than Facebook, according to KTVZ, KBND, the Bulletin, a couple people I know, as well as a few comments on my site from yesterday. Of course, none of this is completely official yet, as the official announcement is scheduled to come later today. Considering the press this is getting this morning, I doubt that the company behind all this is anybody other than Facebook -- though it would be quite hilarious if everybody was wrong.

Update: More on this: Apparently a construction worker on-site slipped to the Bulletin about this, even though they weren't supposed to say anything. I've talked to somebody who is close to the whole thing (and under NDA and annoyed that the story got out -- honestly, I'm amazed it took this long), and they have confirmed that it is Facebook. Official announcement from the company should be coming later this morning.

Update later: It's official. Here's Facebook's blog post, story from the Oregonian, and the KTVZ story has been updated (all with pretty artist's renderings). For those hardcore datacenter geeks, Data Center Knowledge has a good article up about where Facebook's move from leasing space to building their own center (I was amazed they were co-locating their servers all these years). Techcrunch has the story as well.

Congrats to all for making this happen!

Posted by Jake on 01/21/10 @ 09:14 AM
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