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Bulletin Now Allowing More Commenting Options

While KTVZ has provided commenting features on their new stories for quite a while, the Bulletin only started allowing them recently, and only to subscribers. (KOHD allows comments on their site, too, but KOHD just doesn't have the up-to-date and depth of content online that KTVZ and The Bulletin have, so there is very little discussion.) The Bulletin has now opened up commenting to non-subscribers as well. KTVZ's comment system is powered by JS-Kit/Echo and it appears the Bulletin's is powered by Disqus. Both sites allow you to use your Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo! accounts (among others) to sign in, but you still need to either register somewhere to post on the Bulletin's site (you can post anonymous, but moderated, comments on KTVZ's site, which doesn't appear to be an option on The Bulletin's site).

I don't know the relative benefits or advantages of either commenting platform (there is a lot of discussion here), but it's good to see the options for discussion in the community (since I've long shuttered Bend Forums).

Posted by Jake on 01/19/10 @ 04:58 PM
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