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It's Like A Heat Wave!

Yes, I know you're probably sick of me saying how cold it is in Central Oregon. It was only -6°F this morning at my house (though it did get into the minus-teens overnight, apparently). I do geek work for several property management companies in Sunriver, and I'm hearing a very similar story: frozen pipes all over the place. I've heard stories of failing furnaces in more than a dozen homes, causing really cold homes. Some have been caught and fixed before it got too cold, but there are still many homes that have frozen pipes (including my boss').

I heard of one homeowner here in Sunriver who refused to have his property management company blow out his sprinkler system -- "I can do it myself, I don't want to pay you to do it." There are lots of homeowners in this area like that, sadly. He never did (he lives hundreds of miles from here, as do most of the homeowners out here), nor did he turn off his sprinkler system timer. It somehow managed to not freeze and sprayed a nice sheet of water all over his back yard, where it then froze, and then the water that was coming out of the sprinklers just ran down the street instead, creating a nice little skating rink.

Stay warm, folks. More links later today.

Posted by Jake on 12/09/09 @ 10:06 AM
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