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22 Below

It was only -13°F this morning at my house, but it was a balmy -22° at my co-worker's house in Sunriver this morning. The SROA weather station had the low at its office at -19°F overnight (it's gotten up to -5°F at my office -- here comes the heat wave!). La Pine and Sunriver-area schools were cancelled and there were power outages in some areas. Thank goodness I don't rely on electric heat in my home.

In other words, it's frackin' cold out. You whiners in Portland who are complaining about the cold up there (it's currently 24°F up there), you got nothing on us.

There's no sense in leaving the house if you don't have to. This will help to keep you indoors today.

Stay warm!

Posted by Jake on 12/08/09 @ 11:05 AM
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