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I Can't Feel My Toes

I got up this morning and it was 1°F on our front porch (that's -17°C to the rest of the world), and in the last few hours, it's gained a total of two degrees. It's just bitter, bitter cold out. I just got my hair cut, so it's especially nippy on my newly thinned head. My house has actually has more snow than my office, though it is about the same temperature out here. The wind-chill is supposed to bring the temps down even more tonight, into the minus-teens range. Thank goodness we have plenty of firewood.

I do want to personally thank the folks who made it out to our band concert yesterday. The weather was really awful with snow blowing sideways because of really stiff winds. The parking lot at Summit High School was well-buried to the point where you couldn't even see the curbs, causing many folks to drive over curbs as they were the same level as the pavement in some spots. We had a pretty good turn out considering, and I could only imagine what kind of turn out we'd have if the weather would have cooperated. Those of you who didn't make the trek, you missed a helluva show -- though with the weather the way it was, I honestly don't blame you. Many of the band members had trouble getting there, too, but as they say, the show must go on.

Posted by Jake on 12/07/09 @ 10:30 AM
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