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Parenting Tip Numero Uno

While this whole article about seven things "good parents" do that screw up their kids is hilariously true, this quote really hit home as I've dealt with parents like this:

If you really want your children to learn from an early age, you need to read to them and supply the buggers with as much human-on-human interaction as possible, not park their adorable little butts in front of the f---ing television. TV programs and Infant Education videos use a series of rapidly changing scenes and constantly bombard your kids with new words. With time, their itsy bitsy minds start to filter out most of the information just to help manage the constant barrage, and voila! The kids develop shorter attention spans, and eventually the food service industry claims another life.
A little TV watching is fine (as I know moms are busy or need a break now and again), but if you're doing it so you don't have to deal with them or as a replacement for you interacting with them, then you have issues and your kid will have issues.

Posted by Jake on 11/12/09 @ 01:10 PM
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