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Links For The Day (And Technology Sucks)

I've dealing with an accounting "upgrade" that has caused me nothing but trouble and more work the last 48 hours (and a hardware upgrade on a client PC that needed more RAM because Quickbooks said so). Since the first of the month was the beginning of our fiscal year, the software needed to be in place ASAP (it didn't help that Costco cancelled my original order and caused a three week delay in getting it). It's finally working after working out some quirks with the new version of Quickbooks and Windows Server 2003 (see my link above for the gory details), and I now have my backup system of Karen's Replicator (backing up to multiple hard drives and date-based directories around the network) and Ahsay OBM in place (after rebuilding our offsite backup server after a motherboard failure -- another time killer), so I can finally sleep a little bit better.

So instead of something witty or resembling humor on here, here are some links I've had sitting around for the last couple days that I've wanted to share:

Posted by Jake on 11/02/09 @ 05:19 PM
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