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I Survived Halloween, and My Wedding Anniversary

As I mentioned in the past, my wife and I got married on the day before Halloween not because we liked the holiday, but because we liked saving money (we got the building we got married in for free if we got married on that day -- we couldn't pass it up). Ten years ago yesterday, my wife -- and my best friend -- and I tied the knot. How she's managed to tolerate me all these years is beyond me. Just the same, I surprised my wife with a day-before-the-day-of (so Thursday) overnight trip to Sunriver to stay in a Sunriver home with my employer and a nice dinner at the Pine Tavern, where we went for our first anniversary. I actually got the house for two nights, knowing good and well my wife couldn't get away for more than a night, so we brought the kids out for the second night (the actual night of our anniversary) and had a good time with all of us in a nice fancy house.

So as per tradition, my wife and sis-in-law decked out our house for our annual Halloween party. I don't really like the holiday, probably primarily because of it's timeliness to our wedding anniversary, but I still survived the day. All the nieces and nephews came over, we had far too much food and desert, and bunch of trick-or-treaters that my brother-in-law dealt with. We did have a couple teenagers who were old enough to drive that I just flat-out told to go away (I didn't dig out the pickled asparagus with the labels). My exterior lights were off, I was enjoying the tail-end of the World Series and the Duck Game, and these guys were pounding on my door with nothing resembling a costume. I just told them we were out of candy. They didn't believe me, I said I didn't care and told them to go away. Little punks -- I should've turned the hose of them.

Otherwise, the kids all had a great time, and that's really all it's about. Now I'm going to bed to hopefully take advantage of the extra hour of sleep that I really need.

Posted by Jake on 10/31/09 @ 10:54 PM
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