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Snow This Early Sucks

I tried. I really tried. But despite attempts with two different cars, I can't make it out of my neighborhood here in Bend and make it to work out in Sunriver. We have at least two inches of very wet heavy snow that makes the road nearly impossible to drive on without studded/snow tires (and studded tires aren't legal for nearly a month). It's especially bad when you're making the first tracks out of your neighborhood like I was this morning. All the trees and bushes in the neighborhood are bent over or being crushed by the heavy snow. The trees and bushes still have all their leaves, so they're holding on to the snow. I've already gone and shaken off the snow on a couple of our trees so the branches don't all break off. Trying to get up the street, there were several trees that had large branches broken off onto the road that I had to move out of my way before I could try to drive.

Looking at the Sunriver webcam, it looks like there might be less at my office than there is here in Bend, which is unusual. But I ran into the same thing last night when driving back from the game last night -- there was hardly any snow up on the pass (light dusting), but ran into more in the lower elevations.

Hopefully some of this will melt off a bit so I can make it up my street tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm working from home today and keeping the fireplace stoked and just hoping that nothing breaks at the office that requires me to make it out there.

Posted by Jake on 10/04/09 @ 09:39 AM
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