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Come Listen To Me Pretend That I Know What I'm Doing

So the folks at Smart Solutions here in Bend run a monthly SmartGroup roundtable/seminar session, and this month's topic is "Blogging: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly". They've asked me, Jon Abernathy from HackBend and TheBrewSite (he also works for Smart Solutions), Andre Jensen from FreelanceSEM, and Meg Thompson from Audette Media to come and present. I would probably say that Jon = "The Good", I = "The Bad" and Andre = "The Ugly" with Meg being "The Meg", but I digress. I'd encourage you to come, as it's going to be a good panel of pretty smart folks. The Facebook event page is here.

While anybody knows me knows how I can jabber with the best of them and have been directly interviewed several times about blogging before, I've never really presented in a setting like this. So I ask you, dear loyal readers (I know there are a few of you): If you were attending this seminar, what would you like to hear from me?

Posted by Jake on 09/28/09 @ 01:00 PM
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