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Anybody Know How To Find A Property Manager For A Specific Home in Bend?

Or, does anybody in the City of Bend PD who's reading this have nothing to do tonight?

I know the Sunriver police department maintains a list of which homes are managed by which company in Sunriver (a list that property management companies in Sunriver also have copies of). Anybody have any idea if the City of Bend and/or property managers in Bend have such a list? I won't get into why, but let's just say that I think a property management company would want to know what kind of folks they're renting to in a neighboring house that does nothing by keep us up nearly every night (and while I've called the non-emergency police line a couple times, it hasn't done any good). As we speak, they're in their backyard (about five or six of them with several more inside) about 20 feet from where I'm sitting in my living room having a drunken discussion about something that involves throwing around the F-Bomb as much as humanly possible. And I'd like to go to bed at some point here in the near future.

These guys have parties like this at least 3 or 4 times a week and have all summer. Then during the day, they've got a crappy garage band that pounds away on the drums and guitars in their garage. Their drummer can't play, either, and I know a thing or two about music and I know bad music when I hear it. The guy can't even keep any sort of resemblance of tempo, and that's the drummer's most important job.

I never thought I'd say this, but I pray for the cold weather to come so the idiots will go inside.

Posted by Jake on 09/15/09 @ 11:31 PM
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