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Finding The Printer With Most Operating System Plug-and-Play Compatibility

We have a homeowner at the office that's wanting to put a printer in his Sunriver home for guest/renter use. Personally, since I don't want to get (and won't take) the late phone calls from guests complaining they can't get it to work because of driver issues or what not (probably my biggest concern), I'm trying to find something compatible with as much as possible without requiring a driver disk. That pretty much eliminates any printer you can find on the shelves now, as I don't think there's a printer you can buy new now that doesn't require you to install drivers either off a CD or from the manufacturer's web site.

So I'm looking for a list of built-in printer drivers for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X (Windows 98 would be nice, too, but not holding my breath). I'm basically trying to make it so that the folks in the homes can take a cable, plug it into their computer, their computer will recognize it, and go, making it as easy as possible for everybody involved.

I'm digging through Microsoft's Web site, but it's obviously a slow process. I've found the Windows Logo'd Products List, but I'm pretty sure that includes stuff that has been tested after the release, and encompasses far more than what's actually included with a default Windows XP install.

Anybody have any ideas? Anybody had to look into something like this before? I know some of the older HP LaserJets will work on just about anything, but not all of them have USB ports on them, and some of them are huge. It'd just be nice if there were a list of built-in drivers somewhere for the various operating systems (and if I can find one for each OS, I'm going to compile it all into one place).

Posted by Jake on 07/21/09 @ 05:18 PM
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