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These Things Come In Threes

I'm just scared to death to see what the third thing is.

Our minivan air conditioning has been making funny noises recently and not really working too well (which sucked in the heat wave a few weeks back), and a belt has been making some ugly noises. As we were driving over to the mechanic, the check engine light came on, so we had them check that, too. Belt was a cheap and easy fix (for a car repair), but the A/C problem is a big one: the condenser is leaking, which is an expensive repair ($600-ish, mostly labor), and that check engine light? Main computer is dying. They tried just resetting it, as sometimes the thing needs to be rebooted apparently, but that didn't help, the light and code came right back on again. That computer dies, the whole car stops working. The labor to install/program the computer itself isn't too bad (we would have to have it done at a dealer, but it only takes an hour) but the computer itself is $800. So $1500. Which I obviously don't even remotely have. And the car's not even paid off.

And our warranty that would cover this stuff? Expired 550 miles ago. We've put a bunch of money into this car, and I'm probably never buying a Caravan again (even though it's really the only minivan I can afford).

I'm almost wishing somebody would run into the car and total it as we have comprehensive insurance on it (as it's not paid off yet).

And my Hyundai check-engine light just came on this week, too, but I at least have a decent idea what that is. Still going to be a bit of a trick to figure out, but it's not entirely impossible since my Hyundai doesn't have nearly the computers and crap that the minivan does, so hopefuly I can self-help that one myself.

<:sarcasm>Just can't wait to see what the third thing is,</sarcasm> since these things always come in threes.

I just wish I could afford a Honda, Toyota, or Subaru agailn. I loved my Subaru mechanic, but Subaru doesn't make a minivan, and we have two kids and the occasional passenger or three as well (we'll do stuff with family members and will carpool all in our rig). If I didn't work in Sunriver I could just ride my bike to work, but the ride to Sunriver is not only long, but it's really dangerous.

Oh well -- at least I have a job (hopefully that won't be the third).

Update: Searching on eBay, the an aftermarket PCM is a helluva lot cheaper and it looks like I might be able to replace it myself (as it's really easy to get to). The condenser, while I can find it cheaper than the part quote, that thing is a bear to get at, it appears. Just need to find somebody who will put in a cheaper after-market part for me.

Posted by Jake on 06/12/09 @ 05:52 PM
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