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The MPAA Has Lost Their Mind

You just can't make this stuff up....

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Fred von Lohmann sez, "Hearings for the DMCA triennial rulemaking are going on this week in DC, where the educational community is asking for an exemption to rip DVDs to take clips for classroom use. The MPAA responded with a video showing how to camcord (!) movies from a flat screen monitor, arguing that educators and students should do this instead of ripping DVDs. In the words of media literacy researcher Martine Courant Rife, that's like typing up a quote from a book, taking it outside, chiseling the words in a rock, photographing the rock, scanning the photo, and running OCR on it. And for what?"
There's even a video of the MPAA showing how to record a TV.

Engadget also has some hilarious comments

It should also be noted that they are allowing audio to be used in the classroom so long as it is recorded from another source using a Talkboy.
If you don't remember what a Talkboy was, read up.

Seriously, these guys are nuts.

Posted by Jake on 05/07/09 @ 05:25 PM
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