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CNBC's Jim Goldman Is An Idiot

CNBC's Silicon Valley Bureau Chief Jim Goldman apparently thinks Macs come with Photoshop, and that PCs need $600 extra to perform as well as a Mac (ideas which he blatantly took from this Business Week article, without credit). He also throws about a bunch of other lies, and recommends Geek Squad (which pretty much shoots his credibility in the toilet with me).

I'll quote the Giz and this exactly sums up my thoughts about this:

Look, there are some valid reasons to pick a Mac over a PC, just like there are valid reasons to pick a PC over a Mac. But you shouldn't smear blatant horses**t all over them, especially when it's already confusing enough for regular people, your audience, Mr. CNBC Silicon Valley Bureau Chief.
I really should've stuck with technology reporting like I considered doing out of college with my fancy-pants degree, but I was married and had a kid before I graduated, so paying the bills immediately was of primary concern. While I have a great deal of respect for (most) reporters, money-makers most of them are not.

Posted by Jake on 04/21/09 @ 11:11 AM
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