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Time to dump some videos (all after the jump -- and there are quite a few of them):

Note, many of these are from the awesome b3ta, which is due for a linkdump of its own soon:

Last Day At Home Depot:

Marble Madness in 2:35:

The Downfall of Grammar:

D-Pad Hero - Guitar Hero for the NES:

The Soprano's Uncensored (not even remotely safe for work if you have the speakers on):

How To Win "Guess Who?" in one move:

A beard full of toothpicks -- 2222 of them, to be exact:

Dancing On The Jumbotron (brilliant video):

Rollercoaster Tycoon Massacre:

And a Zoo Tycoon Massacre:

Little Gordon Ramsay:

Literal Penny Lane:

Forest Gump in One Minute, One Take:

PG Porn: Helpful Bus:

The Jenga Pistol:

We didn't start the Flamewar:

Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee:

Mittens: The Crime Solving Cat:

How To Torment a Telemarketer with One Word:

And The Sequel:

4 Chords, 36 Songs:

These folks are classy:

Posted by Jake on 04/19/09 @ 10:16 PM
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