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The UtterlyBoring.com Tournament Pick 'em Has A Winner!

Note: I had written up a longer post than this, but my computer decided to BSOD on me while writing it. And I was an idiot and didn't save. Will try to figure out why when time allows. Meanwhile, I'm writing up a shorter post here just to get something up.

We have a winner of the NCAA Tournament Pick 'em who will win the thing, no matter what happens in Monday's final game (as the top several places all picked North Carolina to win, and not a single person picked Michigan State to win). So looking at the nearly final, very close scores, "ft collins+jakes dinner=win (grant.ortman)" has taken first place, and "burnt bracket (Tyler S)" has taken second place. The Dren won the last-place prize again and will get his t-shirt after I have a chance to redesign it because he's a two-time loser.

As you may have guessed, "grant.ortman" is a relative of mine in Colorado, and I'll be shipping the winning prizes his way. "Tyler S." if you can contact me via your Yahoo! email address on the tournament page or post an alternate email address for yourself, that'd be terrific. Remember that the rules state that contact has to be made within two weeks or I start going down the list.

Thanks again to all the prize providers who threw in prizes (click on their banners up by the BendBroadband ad), and I'll post one more wrap-up on Monday after the final scores have been tallied (as there may be a few brackets down in the ranks that will move up).

Posted by Jake on 04/04/09 @ 10:58 PM
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