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Getting Organized For The NCAA Tourney Pick 'em, Looking For Prizes

I'm working on getting things setup for our annual pick 'em, and am looking for prize contributions. It's a casual tournament, and prize contributors cannot win their own prize (but can win others). As usual, all prize submitters will get text link on the tourney page (which will be linked from the front page of my site), but as an added bonus, I'll rotate a 125x125 pixel ad banner for your company or blog or whatever during the duration of the tournament (where you see that Kindle 2 ad right now), if you're interested.

Anything can be submitted for a prize, as I'm pretty casual, as are the readers of this site, so if you have anything fun, weird, cool or downright strange you want to throw into the prize pot, by all means comment here or e-mail me privately (utterlyboring [at] gmail [dot] com). This is just a fun casual tournament, so I do my best to keep it that way.

Look forward to more tournament information coming soon, along with registration information (I've already sent invites to last year's participants). Do know in advance, I won't be able to award you a prize if your email address isn't published somewhere on the tournament page on Yahoo!'s site, so I know it's you. I had to move down and up the brackets last year because the bottom and top folks didn't have a way for me to get ahold of them, and didn't read my final post. That's the one catch: You actually have to read this blog now and again to keep up with announcements -- I can't be held responsible if you don't.

Posted by Jake on 02/25/09 @ 12:15 PM
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