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BendBlogs.com Fixed, Server Almost Back To Normal

What a couple of days it has been.

A couple nights ago, the server that hosts this site and several others (including my employers') that I manage had a backup hard drive fail. Not the end of the world, the datacenter could swap in a new one, be back up and running in 10 minutes. I did an offsite backup, just in case, and we swapped in the backup hard drive, and things were running smoothly again (once I got the thing partitioned properly so that my backup tools recognized the drive properly).

The problem is that two sites I had been working on when the thing got rebooted had some issues when they came backup (they were having issues before, and this just forced me to look at them a bit harder). First off was the church's site. The WEC Typo3 install I had been running there had already been going a bit bonkers, so I had to try to get that upgraded and backup and running again, as I didn't really want to lose their large sermon archive. Typo3 is sometimes a bit of a pain to upgrade/reinstall properly (at least to somebody like me who hasn't dealt with Typo3 much and am used to much simpler databases applications). I think I've got it back up again, but need to do some tweaking before I turn it live.

A constant nagging problem I've been having with BendBlogs.com is it's VERY heavy MySQL usage, and it's creation of a bunch of large temporary tables. Folks will periodically get this error when loading the site. I've been trying to find time to redevelop that site using Movable Type and some plugins developed for Blogs.com that can be used for this type of thing, but I've been just totally slammed. In the meanwhile, I knew a temporary fix would be to increase the size of my /tmp partition on the server and setup a script to keep it clean in there, but I didn't want something that would bugger up cPanel. So following the directions here to edit cPanel's securetmp script to increase the size, I then removed and recreated the /tmp partition following these directions (as it's basically a virtual partition that cPanel creates) and that got rid of the error on bendblogs.com. I also increased the memory_limit a touch in my php.ini file to give things a bit more breathing room, so hopefully that'll hold things at bay until I can find more time to redevelop the site so it doesn't pound the MySQL database so hard on page loads (as it doesn't do as well caching things as I'd like).

Posted by Jake on 02/05/09 @ 11:40 AM
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