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My New Toy

I finally got a new phone, and, sadly, haven't had time to play with it it all as I got it yesterday (on sale at Best Buy), and just got it activated and my number transferred. Data currently doesn't work on it, which is annoying, but I'll hopefully have that working by the end of the day so I can get e-mail and such on there. I got the phone from Sprint. Their coverage is pretty good in Sunriver, not-so-good at my house (but it was crappy with US Cellular and T-Mobile as well -- I live in a cell-phone dead spot, for some reason).

But initial impressions: It's a pretty sweet phone. More in-depth review sometime. Or not. But it is nice having a phone that I can actually do something with (data was so slow on my Blackberry that data usage was pointless).

Will hopefully have time to play with it and tweak it more this week, but I'm slammed at the office now, so not today.

Posted by Jake on 01/11/09 @ 11:22 AM
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