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KFXO vs. BendBroadband

If you have BendBroadband for TV service you may lose your ability to watch Fox on the first of the year because of a dispute the local Fox affiliate and BendBroadband are having. I don't have an opinion one way or another right now, as I haven't really researched it all that much (though I do have a digital over-the-air box somewhere in case this does get messy) For everybody's reference, KFXO's side of things is here, BendBroadband's side of things is here, The Bulletin story here, there is a ton of discussion here and a one-post blog has been created here.

You're welcome to comment, discuss and share your opinion here, as well, but since I haven't really had a chance to research this at all, I probably won't comment at all. That, and the holidays are here and when you have kids, your mind is on the holidays, not this kind of thing.

Posted by Jake on 12/23/08 @ 03:02 PM
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