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Why ESPN Radio 940 (KICE) Is Hard To Hear In The Evening Locally

I work in Sunriver, and on the drive out from Bend, after listening to the news on KBND (which celebrates 75 years tomorrow), I generally will listen to ESPN Radio 940 KICE. I like getting a bit of sports news and commentary before I go to the office. Generally, I can hear it fine all the way to Sunriver.

In the evening when I drive home, however, it's a totally different story. The station is impossible to understand, getting blown over by a Spanish-language station, even when I get back into Bend. I finally e-mailed the folks at the Bend Radio Group, who manage KICE, as it was driving me nuts. Like many stations, KICE goes into lower power mode at night. In this case, they run 10,000 watts during the day, but only 60-100 watts at night, according to the FCC database. Which would be fine if there wasn't something else interfering (KPOV runs on just two watts and I can hear them fine nearly all the way to Sunriver -- and yes, I know FM and AM signals travel and bounce around differently, so we won't go into that discussion as it's all voodoo magic to me anyway).

So I asked them if they knew what the station was that was interfering, and they told me it was some Spanish-language station out of Fresno. After checking into Fresno Radio on Wikipedia, I found that it was KWRU KYNO, which runs Radio Vida Abundanta content (which is apparently Spanish language Christian programming) talk radio at 50,000 watts day and night. So despite Fresno being over 600 miles from Bend, we're still getting interference from that station because it runs so strongly (I've been able to listen to other Northern California AM stations at night before, but only from as far south as Sacramento -- never from Fresno).

Personally, I wish KICE would simulcast on an FM frequency that's less susceptible to the interference (like KBNW does), but 940's been an AM station here as long as I can remember (along with 1110), so I don't envision them changing frequencies anytime soon. It'd be nice to hear Beavers Sports without interference.

I also wish they'd get rid of Jim "I'm a heck of a guy" Rome as he (and his fans) drives me nuts. Cowherd's far more entertaining and less of an arrogant jerk.

Updated: March, 2011 With some more-up-to-date links/info as some call-letters and station content have changed, but the frequency and wattage is still the same.

Posted by Jake on 12/18/08 @ 11:16 PM
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