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I Just Want To Shoot The Frickin' Meth Addicts

As I mentioned, I've had a cold for about a week now. I'm at work, still, as I don't have much of a choice in the manner, but everybody in our house has gotten the virus at one point over the last few weeks. My wife has it right now, and is horribly plugged up. The only stuff that has ever really helped her (she's always had sinus and allergy problems) was pseudoephedrine (aka Sudafed). She's tried all the various over-the-counter stuff over the years, and Sudafed was the only thing that ever really cleared her up.

But thanks to the crackhead meth-addicts (which I know better than to joke about in public), who were using the little red pills to create their drug of choice, a prescription is now required to get the decongestant. What used to cost just a few bucks for a bucketload of pills at Costco now costs quite a bit more. Since I don't have some fancy zero co-pay health insurance plan (does anybody?) I'd have to pay $25 for my wife to see our doctor to get something written up that'll cost us about $3 at the pharmacy counter. She doesn't have a sinus infection (she would know), nor any lung problems, she just has a cold, and needs some snot to come out her head. I called the doc on her behalf because she can't even talk right now because she's so plugged up her throat hurts from the snot in the back of her throat that she can't get rid of. I tried just having the doctor call it in, but our doctor wouldn't budge (I'm consider switching family doctors, which sucks, as I like the guy).

I just love it when the druggies screw it up for everybody who legitimately need the stuff. Has the meth problem gotten any better in Oregon since this? I don't have a clue. I doubt it, as most of the ingredients were coming in from Mexico anyway. Why don't we shut off those channels?


Posted by Jake on 12/10/08 @ 04:01 PM
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