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We Always Forget The Chips...

When Thanksgiving rolls around, I don't like to be one of those people that is shopping the day or two before to get last-minute items. I like to get stuff planned a bit more in advance for our gatherings so we don't have to try to find that last tub of Cool Whip along with the rest of the population of Bend.

But there is one thing we forget nearly every year -- Tostitos. Every year we make a seven-layer dip, and every year we get all the ingredients for the dip, and every year we forget to get something to actually dip into said dip. I've made many day-of trips to the store to get those stupid chips, and while this year I managed to remember it the day before (just got back from the store), I'm still not happy about it. I'm posting this note here so that hopefully I'll remember next year, and that all of you will politely remind to not forget the chips for the dip.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

(And no, I will not be at any of the Black Friday sales. Nothing's worth dealing with that madness. If I can't get it online, I'm not getting it.)

Posted by Jake on 11/26/08 @ 11:38 PM
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