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Need A Car?

This local guy's pimp mobile might fit the bill:

1989 Cadillac Sedan Deville Pimp mobile for sale. Perfect for the up and coming pimp who isn't quite ready to step up into an Ex-calade. This fine example of Motor vehicle pimpery comes stock with no hubcaps, because as you know any real baller is just gonna drop dubs on it anyway. The stereo isn't working, but then again, a real mac like you is going to drop some change to make this bitch rumble. The trunk is extra large in case you have a ho who steps out of line, you can put her in there. A good feature because if you spend enough time with hos, eventually you're going to have to lock a bitch up.
in case of drive-bys where you need to light up some suckers that have been perpetrating this car has a special window that comes off its tracks so you don't have to wait for it to slide down. Just roll up on that fool, drop the window, and blast him with that burner. Which comes to my favorite part of the car. The engine is a v8 which means its quick to get away from the Po-po but at the same time still gets 22-24 miles to the gallon on the highway so even with a bitch in the trunk you aren't destroying the environment. Even Gs need a momma, and her name is Gaia. If you are interested in this whip shout me a holla at (503)383-2310 and ask for Joseph, or as my Hos call me "Yeast" because I raise the dough.
Thanks Kristy for the link.

Posted by Jake on 11/06/08 @ 11:21 PM
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