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From The Totally Unsubstantiated Rumor Department...

Somebody recently commented to me privately that they don't read my site as much when I don't have local gossip on here. Since there is already plenty of that on Bend Blogs, I generally don't even bother with it. I just don't have time to deal with aftermath of what that kind of stuff generally turns into.

That being said, it's time to just throw some stuff out there, and I'll let you guys decide what you will with it (we need Snarky Bend again, who had no problem just running with this kind of crap):

  • A random dude emailing from a Denmark e-mail address (though his IP address was American) says the following:
    "BendBroadband received multiple offers after making their shocking announcement last month. Supposedly the PPS or Price Per Subscriber figure the Tykesons were hoping for was met ($4000/PS) but the terms of the agreement were unsatisfactory. It's rumored that the top bidder was Verizon, which makes sense. $4000/PS is high, the average for a cable company these days is around $2600/PS. So $4000x50,000 subs = deep pockets.

    I'm guessing that Verizon wanted to gut the company, run fiber from their valley system, and just operate Bend with a handful of installers and a payment center. This would severely contradict Amy's obligation with EDCO, who's primary mission is to "Facilitate New Job Creation".

    I honestly don't know what to think about that, nor could this guy give me any sort of credible evidence that it was true (as he gave me the "it would incriminate me" line), so take it all with a huge helping of salt.
  • Deschutes County sent around a notice this week that "Due to unforeseen family circumstances, Commissioner Melton will be going back to her legal last name of Baney as of today. Thank you for your understanding and for making this change." Didn't we elect her as Baney? Not that I really give a rip what happened, but did think it interesting, as the name change was obviously because of a divorce (I'd assume) so she hasn't been married that long. All I know is that I like her better than the other folks on the Commission as she's the only one that didn't vote .
So there you go -- local gossip, for better or for worse. Discuss. Start some rumors, knock yourself out -- just don't blame me if things get out of hand.

Anybody else got any hot local gossip to share, true, false, or just plain stupid? The floor is open...

Posted by Jake on 10/28/08 @ 10:34 PM
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