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Post Trip Write Up

As I mentioned, we took a trip over to Portland this weekend, and I had planned on a long, eloquently-written blog post about our trip, our adventures with the freeways in Portland, about the trials of getting into any restaurant on Homecoming weekend, how train travelers are just different sorts of people than airline travelers (mostly in a good way), and all that fun stuff. But you know what? I took an extra day off (I'm usually at the office on Sundays), and came back to a ton of stuff to do at the office today after getting home late last night and I'm tired. So you may or may not get a summary at some point -- I have no idea. Depends on how motivated I am. Or busy.

But I did officially have to shut down another one of my projects after thinking it over a bit: sh.orty. While it seemed like a good idea, all it was being used for was spammer trying to hide their URLs, which ended up causing the subdomain (and subsequently, orty.com, my main business domain) to get blacklisted on some spam databases and my host getting all sorts of nasty mail sent to their abuse department (which they've been nice about and just forwarded my direction). I wonder if tinyurl and the like have similar issues? I know I don't have the time on my hands to deal with that kind of stuff, that's for sure.

Posted by Jake on 10/06/08 @ 10:59 PM
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