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Technology Is Going To Drive Me To Drink

If anybody locally is a HP/Compaq server wizard, please call me at my office, as I'm to the point where I'm going to pay somebody else to fix this if I can't get 'er working (emailing me is fine as well).

I have a server that is having trouble getting going. I migrated this DL380G1 server from a Proliant 800 (PIII model). I took the RAID card and SCSI drive out of the 800, installed it in the DL380, booted off the 800 drive, and it installed all the new drivers from the DL380, including the array, and everything appeared fine.

Naturally, I'd rather have the system running on the DL380s RAID controller (as the SCSI card and most of the hardware from the 800 was giving me fits, hence the migration), so I cloned the drive from the 800 (after it'd been running in the system for a while) to a RAID1 array. Upon boot, I get the Inaccessible Boot Device BSOD (after it shows the WIndows 2000 server splash screen).

I've verified the data copied over properly, as I booted an ERD Commander disk and saw all the data fine. I just need to know how to get this thing to boot using the right drivers w/out reinstalling everything (as the old 800 is hosed, and this has an IIS install that I need to have intact because of some old archaic code -- didn't write it, just inherited it).

I've done this fine with three other Proliant migrations, had no issue at all, but for some reason this one is giving me fits.

I've ran a Windows 2000 Recovery Console repair, and ran "chkdsk /r" three times and still get the error. I'm sure it's the device driver, just don't know how to get Windows to use the right one.

Thoughts? Ideas? Email or call, as I've been at this for hours now and am going crazy.

Update about 30 minutes later: After beating around this a bit more, I thought about HAL issues. I copied the hal.dll file from another like configured system, and it appears to boot up (unlike before). I thought a repair process checked the hal.dll, but apparently not -- or at least it just makes sure it's not corrupt, but it doesn't make sure it's the proper one for your system. We'll see how it goes if this is a permanent fix or not. If it is, I'm going home.

Update later: It was, and I'm going home.

Posted by Jake on 09/23/08 @ 02:38 PM
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