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If I Could Have One Super Hero Ability...

...it'd be the ability to not have to sleep so I could catch up with all my various projects and actually be able to see my family now and again. A couple notes before I pass out for the evening:

  • I've officially shut down BendForums.com and put it up for sale (along with a few other domains that I'm realistically never going to do anything with). I have too much stuff going on to try to build/maintain another site, so maybe somebody else can.
  • I'm begining the long process of rebuilding Bend Blogs from the ground up using a different platform. Gregarius (which powers bendblogs.com) is basically done getting developed, and I'm not a PHP whiz to be able to understand it enough to know how it works. With ORBlogs getting revitalized, there's talk among the folks trying to put it back together to Open Source the code that's used to create it, so I might use it as a base for bendblogs.com. Or I might use something else (I'm considering using MovableType and Refeed. We'll just see what happens. Just the same, if anybody has any features they'd like to see in the next version of bendblogs.com, feel free to e-mail me or comment here.

Meanwhile, I just need to sleep.

Posted by Jake on 09/17/08 @ 10:16 PM
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