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An Open Letter To All Microsoft Office 2007 Users

All you folks with newer computer and IT departments that have more money that ours: Please save your Microsoft Office 2007 files in a format that the rest of the world can open easily. Not everybody can afford (or really feels the need) to spend the money on the upgrade, and can't open the files you e-mail us. Yes, we can (and I do) install compatibility packs so we can read those*.docx and *.xlsx files, but would it just be easier for you and the clients you send files if you would just save it in the standard Word or Excel format? Or even as a PDF? I work at a real estate office where I get freaked out agents who can't open up "a critically important document" that somebody has e-mailed them, forcing me to carry around that stupid compatibility pack on a USB key so I can avoid the nearly thirty-megabyte download. I also have vendors send around documentation to their clients that were all in *.docx format, and I know at least 75% of the folks who received the docs couldn't open it as I just ended up converting it to PDF with CutePDF (after loading the document with the compatibility pack in Office 2003) and it worked fine. I shouldn't be caused more work to deal with stupid crap like this.

OK, done ranting.

Posted by Jake on 08/28/08 @ 09:31 PM
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