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I'm Back -- What Did I miss?

So I haven't gotten online once since last Wednesday after a small trip to the coast for the weekend to help build a deck at my grandma's beach house. Among the highlights in my fully-packed inbox upon my return:

I haven't gotten through all my email or my local blogs yet. It does appear that a local blog did make it into the paper, showing even more how Bend Blogs are getting read by the local media (the Bulletin's IP address is easily BendBlogs.com's biggest reader, which is fine as it's a great source for local information and commentary).

Anything else I missed over the last few days?

Update on 8/26: Full BendBroadband press release after the jump.

Press Statement

BendBroadband is reviewing its position in the market and evaluating its place in the broader national cable, wireless and telecommunications environment. We are mindful of our history as a successful family business that is focused on its employees, its customers and the communities we serve. The Company is considering various scenarios, which include continuing as a family business. There is no proposal under consideration at this time that would change BendBroadband's current ownership.

As BendBroadband surveys the market and considers its future, it plans to continue communicating with its employees. In the meantime, we recognize that our customers are counting on us and that we have aggressive Company goals to achieve. Our central focus continues to be the operation of our business.

Posted by Jake on 08/25/08 @ 10:05 AM
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