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Sprint vs. Verizon: Thoughts?

My Blackberry contract is due up for renewal here soon, and I'm considering transferring my number elsewhere. I've found myself using my phone for data use quite a bit more often than I originally thought, and wanted to get a phone that I could tether to my laptop for use on the road in a pinch (for when my employer decides they need something while I'm vacation). I also would like a Windows Mobile-based phone as software availability for the Blackberry isn't nearly as plentiful, and usually costs more money for stuff I can get for free elsewhere.

I've narrowed it down to a couple of phones from Verizon and Sprint (the HTC Titan tops that list), but wanted to hear everybody's experience with Verizon and Sprint locally. While I've heard great things about Verizon's support and their network, I do like Sprint's openness with their phones. Like with Sprint, the same phone has newer software and unlocked hardware (hardware GPS works with Sprint via an official update, while it requires an unsupported hack to get it to work on Verizon's or US Cellular's Titan. I'd rather not hack my phone if don't have to. But I've heard really lousy things about Sprint's support (but I don't think I've dealt with support often in all my years of having a phone, really -- I'd rather figure it out myself.) but their network is decent.

Any thoughts from the gallery?

(And you might notice that after yesterday's discussion, all the links now open in new windows.)

Posted by Jake on 07/31/08 @ 05:35 PM
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