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The last couple weeks have been crazy chaotic in my life. With the search for the new web host, the finding of a web host, the moving and fixing of various sites and my irrigation installation (which is still ongoing) to my daughters' (and wife's) end-of-the-year dance recitals, things have been a downright crazy mess for the last few weeks. My poor blog has just been getting neglected (it is liking its new server, however) and I'm sure there is still weirdness from the move I haven't caught yet. I'm still trying to get all the sermons listed on my in-law's church site, and I still am in the process of getting the redesign for Sunriver Vacations (thanks to Lance's help), so things aren't going to slow down anytime soon, but I will do my best to make time for this site.

Writing and sharing on this site is actually a stress relief for me, as it gives me a chance to share all the crazy stuff that people send me, which generally puts a smile on my face. So I pledge right now so make some more time for this site and try to keep posting. Hopefully. Maybe. We'll see....

Update: Just realized I had an old version of my MovableType config files on this server for some reason, causing commenting to not work on some entries. I've since fixed that, and commenting should be working properly site-wide now.

Posted by Jake on 06/23/08 @ 05:12 PM
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