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Last night I transferred Bend Blogs and this site to a new Web server (after getting my new servers all setup). If you're reading this, you're reading it on the new server. The server's running PHP 5, Apache 2.2 and MySQL 5.1 while the old server was running PHP 4, Apache 1.x and MySQL 4.1. It's also a much meatier server than before, and Bend Blogs seems to render much quicker than before (the rumors were that PHP 5 would help that a lot).

If you notice any weirdness, comment here or email utterlyboring [at] gmail [dot] com.

Update at 11:30PM on 6/16: DNS issues suck, you know that?

Anyway, after struggling figuring out why CentOS5's BIND implementation and cPanel 11 didn't want to play nice (which caused some traffic to the new server to get lost today), I found this forum thread which I'd had to find before, but couldn't remember how I found it, so I'm bookmarking it here.

Long story short, if you're running CentOS 5 and cPanel and you find that name server lookups are getting refused even though BIND is up and running fine, run this command: "/scripts/fixnamedviews --force". Quick, simple fix. And I've linked to it before, but for some stupid reason I couldn't find it. So the more places I bookmark it so that I can make sure to fix its lame nameservers, life will be good.

Man, I need to sleep.

Posted by Jake on 06/16/08 @ 07:35 AM
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Barney said on 06/16/08 @ 02:45 PM:
Well, it's weird, but probably temporary that http://www.utterlyboring.com doesn't work right now (takes you to Google) but http://utterlyboring.com does.

Bet it's the Propagation Blues;-)

Jake said on 06/16/08 @ 03:38 PM:
Hmmm...that sounds like something funky on your end, Barn, as it works fine for me. If you're able to hit utterlyboring.com w/out the www, you're obviously hitting this server.

Do me a favor: run an nslookup from the command line: nslookup utterlyboring.com and then nslookup www.utterlyboring.com, and let me know if they give you different IP addresses.

Jake said on 06/18/08 @ 01:26 PM:
testing, 124

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