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BendBroadband Cap Protest Planned

(If you have no idea what folks would be protesting, read up here)

The folks at FixBBB are planning to protest the BendBroadband bandwidth caps this weekend. Right now, I'm in the boat where while I don't like the caps (which have been raised) I'm below the 100GB limit and it'd be a hassle to move everything to a new ISP right now. I'm also far enough away from the Qwest downtown office where the speeds would be quite a bit slower than what I have now if I were to move to DSL.

I won't be able to attend (nor was I really planning to, as I'm not one for protesting publicly -- I protest with my wallet, personally), nor do I personally expect it to do a whole lot of good. Not only is the foot traffic in and out of the BendBroadband office probably really low (especially on a Saturday) but drive-by traffic is pretty minimal by their front door (if the protest is behind their offices, facing Empire, that might be more effective).

Speaking of boats (I was -- lookup a few lines) it's free fishing weekend, so that will undoubtedly take some traffic away. Or not. I have no idea, I just wanted to throw a stupid joke in there.

Posted by Jake on 06/03/08 @ 03:44 PM
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