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Looking For A New Web Host/Dedicated Server Provider

LayeredTech, a dedicated server hosting company that I've used for years and have a couple servers with, has decided to raise their rates. Last year, it was a simple $8/month increase, which I was fine with as they promised remote reboot cards for their server. A year later, I still don't have a remote reboot card for either of my servers, and they've decided to raise my rates $28/month for each server, no matter how many you have (and there are folks with dozens of servers with them). Needless to say, the natives are restless, and I tend to be one of them. They recently bought another Web hosting company and secured $11 million worth of funding, but apparently they don't seem to find a problem with raising the rates for all their clients, cutting into the meager profits I had on these servers (as they're mostly for hosting sites like this one along with some small companies around Bend).

Needless to say, I'm shopping around now. If anybody has any recommendations, I'd be glad to hear them (I have some emails into some reputable companies around the country). I'd also consider a partial advertising trade for a link on this site as well. Comment below or email utterlyboring [at] gmail [dot] com. I'd also consider co-location if the deal was right and the network didn't suck (but I'd prefer just renting the server as that way I can yell at somebody if the hardware goes bad).

Posted by Jake on 05/29/08 @ 11:01 AM
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